Getting Uncomfortable

Deep in the heart of a great mountain, where the heat and pressure were incomprehensible, sat two pieces of coal staring into the heat. “God, it is so boring down here.” Said Bob, the first piece of coal. “Yeah, not much to do but wait to be found and be burned alive to cook someone’sContinue reading “Getting Uncomfortable”

A Giant Called Humble

One day as the sun rose to light up the little fishing village, where every sort of person worked and lived with their families and friends. A giant approached. The people in the village immediately panicked throwing down their work and running to hide. Shaking and trembling the village waited, hoping that the giant wouldContinue reading “A Giant Called Humble”

Decisions Not Conditions: The Promise of The Light

I woke in the darkness of the place. Stale and stinking of rot and death. Standing my feet found damp, wet earth that just the night before had been a warm bed of grass. How did I get here? My eyes began to adjust to the nightmarish landscape that grew up around me as IContinue reading “Decisions Not Conditions: The Promise of The Light”

Catching the Wind: How I Rediscover My Flow, and you can too.

I was stuck, the mud was caked around my shoes, and I couldn’t go any farther. The day had been an exercise of exhausting my will to the point of wanting to give up. And I had just written something I thought so beautiful and profound about dancing to the grave. I love that ideaContinue reading “Catching the Wind: How I Rediscover My Flow, and you can too.”