3 Myths of Success: I Wrote Them So They Are True :)

So, You want to be successful in life, Huh? Well, welcome to the Human Race. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. If only I had a million dollars my life would be better. If only I had that person’s Talent my life would be easier. If only I had this job, I would feelContinue reading “3 Myths of Success: I Wrote Them So They Are True :)”

Getting Off The Perfect Hook: How I Came to Forgiveness

  I stood in the parking lot of my apartment complex this morning crying. Looking up at the radiant light of a full moon, I was overwhelmed by a feeling. It wasn’t the freezing cold weather; it was something much more powerful. This morning after my work out, I was walking home from the gym,Continue reading “Getting Off The Perfect Hook: How I Came to Forgiveness”

Potentially, The Best Article Ever!

Uncork the stopper, open the box, let loose the wind from whence your life depends on sailing freer and higher than you ever thought possible. Allow your potential to guide you. The word Potential struck me this morning during meditation. It lit up in my brain like a big neon pink sign asking, “Do youContinue reading “Potentially, The Best Article Ever!”

The Time Paradox: A Beginners Guide to Making Your first Million!

What if I told you that by you spending 5 mins reading this article you would be on your way to making a million dollars.  Would you keep reading? Or would you say, “meh, let’s see what else is available.” I find this a curious Paradox of the way we spend our time. I willContinue reading “The Time Paradox: A Beginners Guide to Making Your first Million!”

Focus: The Power of Clairity to Change Your Life

I could have said it was a coincidence. I could allow myself to believe that there was no intrinsic or more profound meaning to it. I could even say that it was pure dumb luck. But then I would be lying to myself, and I had to quit that along with the Alcohol. I haveContinue reading “Focus: The Power of Clairity to Change Your Life”

Committed to The Process, Not The Result.

Unlike all my other posts, this one is not full of sexy, exciting, flashy information (tongue, meet cheek). This is a letter to myself and the rest of the world about what it really means to commit to something, and how I have come to learn the importance and the absolute necessity to commit toContinue reading “Committed to The Process, Not The Result.”

How I Faith! (It’s a verb)

The voices sang all around me, pleading, and promising a better life. One full of fast cars big houses and beautiful women. The other side promised me that I no longer had to feel any pain or suffering, and while both options looked appealing a small voice inside of me told me to shut themContinue reading “How I Faith! (It’s a verb)”

To Be a Writer: And a Sampling of My book. Dead Heart:An Origin Story

I said to myself, I said. “All I really want to do is become a great writer.” To which I replied. “Oh well that is easy, you want to be a writer? All you have to do is write. Everything else is optional.” “Being a super zombie should have been the worst thing to happenContinue reading “To Be a Writer: And a Sampling of My book. Dead Heart:An Origin Story”

A Gift To The World

Landing on the scorched patch of the dark Earth a divine creature lied writhing in pain, without an understanding of where it was or how it got there. Only moments ago it stood in a state of bliss and contentment. Now his eyes opened wide standing naked in front of a dark world full ofContinue reading “A Gift To The World”

Watch Me Run Through This Wall!

It is strange to have accomplished so much personally in such a short period of time yet feel so stagnant all the same. I just completed a short love story that scared the crap out of me and wrapped my mind around it to the point I was dreaming about it. The relief I assumedContinue reading “Watch Me Run Through This Wall!”