Interview w/Kent Wayne a.k.a Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. Part 1

  Podcast Available This Won’t Work- Podcast Music: Kent Wayne Author of the Echo Vol. 1-4 joins me on the podcast and my God was it cool. We talk everything from writing to human evolution, to drugs and alcohol and what it means to truly be alive. Dig in to part 1 of thisContinue reading “Interview w/Kent Wayne a.k.a Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. Part 1”

Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.

A thought occurred to me this morning, one in which lit up my mind like a Christmas tree on the 4th of July. Make sense? Good. A finite world surrounds us, and we are conditioned to hold on to the resources it produces, to mine and dig for more. To place worth on these resourcesContinue reading “Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.”