“In The Name” (With Audio) #writingcommunity #wakeup #mondaymorning

Lined up and mixed up.  Shot straight to disrupt. A piece of me that gives up. Letting go with fist up. Thirsted cups hung deep with waste, in my mind a ceaseless state. Helping find my misplaced fate. It waits for me upon this date an eternal now holds my call wishing and wanting more…Continue reading ““In The Name” (With Audio) #writingcommunity #wakeup #mondaymorning”

UniWeb Interview Show- It’s Over! Thank you Montage #writingcommunity #ff

I want to sincerely thank all the incredible authors and actors that came on the show.  In just over four months we managed to do close to 100 interviews. By the end of this month, The UniWeb Interview Show will be over 100 interviews strong. Though the show will not go on, I will continueContinue reading “UniWeb Interview Show- It’s Over! Thank you Montage #writingcommunity #ff”

It’s Me. #writingcommunity #thursdaythoughts

Fast forward to a time in the middle of nowhere, where space exists only as a reference to somethingness. Where the wind blows past the point of dropping sound and a miniature planet swings on a spinning ground. Move forward to a place of fatigue and depravity, where mankind begins with a handful of madnessContinue reading “It’s Me. #writingcommunity #thursdaythoughts”

Assume the position By Matthew Poole- Guest Blog #writingcommunity #Wednesdaythoughts

Matthew Poole joins the Blog again with another thoughtful piece. Follow Matthew on facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/authormattpoole and Twitter @https://twitter.com/MdpooleA His Book “Salt and Light: Being the Hands and Feet of Christ” is available this Septemeber.   Black, white, yellow, red; straight, gay, pans, trans. No matter the great the number of differences there are among us, thereContinue reading “Assume the position By Matthew Poole- Guest Blog #writingcommunity #Wednesdaythoughts”

My Terminal Diagnosis- #writingcommunity #tuesdaymotivation

I have thought about this for a while now.  I have tried to come to peace with how to pose this heavy topic. I have found myself wondering if it is ok to talk about.  I have in essence FOUND myself in this. It may be hard to read this or to digest this, butContinue reading “My Terminal Diagnosis- #writingcommunity #tuesdaymotivation”

Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation

Many times I struggle with this an idea of success and well-being hinge precariously on the amount of revenue streaming into my bank account or the accruement of goods. It happens a lot for me, I will be in a blissfully joyful state and not thinking of any reason that my life requires more stuffContinue reading “Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation”

The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.

Disclaimer: This is a writing exercise. I know there is a load of mistakes it is meant to show what this writing exercise may look like and it is ok.  Grammar Nazis Please do not comment.  Below this exercise, you will find what I was warming up to. When in the morning I rise andContinue reading “The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.”

Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling

Darkness and light are my favorite ideas to play with in writing because in darkness we are given a void yet we are able to see in the nothingness. Light shines into the darkness as a representation not only of salvation but also as a way of coloring in the emptiness. Also Mountains… We seeContinue reading “Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling”

Masquerade- Guest Blog by Matthew Brown- #writingcommunity

So today I am joined by the extremely talented Matthew Brown.  He is currently working on an Epic Fantasy Novel where he has created his own language and world to play in.  I interviewed Matt a little over a month ago and I was blown away then by his incredible storytelling ability.  He also hasContinue reading “Masquerade- Guest Blog by Matthew Brown- #writingcommunity”

Lucy Paul- Joins the UniWeb Interview Show. #writingcommunity

Lucy Paul Joins me for an awesome fun time. We read from her book Wait for me. We play tons of games and talk about sexy nonsense. Lucy is a lot of fun to talk to and just released her very first Novel Wait For Me, with the sequel due out in the summer. FollowContinue reading “Lucy Paul- Joins the UniWeb Interview Show. #writingcommunity”