Watch “Uni-Web Interview Show With Special guest Author: J M Brister” on YouTube

  First real interview up. With J.M Brister. Check out the video and the links to her work in the description.  Follow J.M Brister on twitter @JM_Brister.  

Service: My Mission

I would like to offer you an opportunity. It is free, and all about helping you and your work grow. I want to see, all the people who put in effort and time into blogging, writing, creating, blow up and become the person they want to become. Read below to find out more. Good morningContinue reading “Service: My Mission”

Heaven or Hell: Where To Buck-a-Roo?

Billboards are cool, right? Super fun, obnoxious signs meant to grab your attention and persuade your thinking. Kind of Like the title of this blog. What does it mean? Are Heaven and Hell even real places? What is a Buck-a-roo? These are all excellent questions, and I am so glad you asked them and itContinue reading “Heaven or Hell: Where To Buck-a-Roo?”

My Keys to Happiness: They are the only way;)

So, you want to know how to be happier and feel freer than you ever have? Great you came to the right freaking blog.  Because so do I.  I have found myself slipping in and out of the happy joyous and free state a lot lately and through much introspection, reading, writing, praying, meditating, andContinue reading “My Keys to Happiness: They are the only way;)”

Possessed by an Angel of Nonsense:) The Answers to all my questions!

Being inspired is being in spirit or Possessed by Spirit. I have craved a possession, an overtaking of my spirit my entire life, its why I drank. I still seek a form of being Possessed today, but of a higher source. Now, do not misunderstand what I am saying. This is not an exorcist kindContinue reading “Possessed by an Angel of Nonsense:) The Answers to all my questions!”

Do You Remember What Your Happy Face Looks Like?

This magnificent piece of art has been valued at over $32,000. I know, it is truly incredible work. If any of you have the distinct pleasure of being my friend on social media, I hope that you do I would love to be your friend, you were treated to a dazzling art show last nightContinue reading “Do You Remember What Your Happy Face Looks Like?”

How I Faith! (It’s a verb)

The voices sang all around me, pleading, and promising a better life. One full of fast cars big houses and beautiful women. The other side promised me that I no longer had to feel any pain or suffering, and while both options looked appealing a small voice inside of me told me to shut themContinue reading “How I Faith! (It’s a verb)”

A Gift To The World

Landing on the scorched patch of the dark Earth a divine creature lied writhing in pain, without an understanding of where it was or how it got there. Only moments ago it stood in a state of bliss and contentment. Now his eyes opened wide standing naked in front of a dark world full ofContinue reading “A Gift To The World”

Watch Me Run Through This Wall!

It is strange to have accomplished so much personally in such a short period of time yet feel so stagnant all the same. I just completed a short love story that scared the crap out of me and wrapped my mind around it to the point I was dreaming about it. The relief I assumedContinue reading “Watch Me Run Through This Wall!”

How I Write A Love Story: Part 4, The Finale

A small fire crackled and popped, the flames licking the darkness of the sky as if reaching out realizing the kinship to the stars that lie happily twinkling above. Ted and Marissa sat wrapped in each other’s arms soaking in the warmth of the fire on the cool April night. It had been three monthsContinue reading “How I Write A Love Story: Part 4, The Finale”