Watch “The Pretender: An honest appraisal” on YouTube: And A Knights Tale

Good Morning, today I thought I would do a video and some writing, to expound more on my oh so deep thoughts. Ha, I was thinking about Honesty and Pretending this morning. The conversation came up last night with some friends about not knowing who we are as we go out into the world andContinue reading “Watch “The Pretender: An honest appraisal” on YouTube: And A Knights Tale”

Service: My Mission

I would like to offer you an opportunity. It is free, and all about helping you and your work grow. I want to see, all the people who put in effort and time into blogging, writing, creating, blow up and become the person they want to become. Read below to find out more. Good morningContinue reading “Service: My Mission”

To Be a Writer: And a Sampling of My book. Dead Heart:An Origin Story

I said to myself, I said. “All I really want to do is become a great writer.” To which I replied. “Oh well that is easy, you want to be a writer? All you have to do is write. Everything else is optional.” “Being a super zombie should have been the worst thing to happenContinue reading “To Be a Writer: And a Sampling of My book. Dead Heart:An Origin Story”

A Gift To The World

Landing on the scorched patch of the dark Earth a divine creature lied writhing in pain, without an understanding of where it was or how it got there. Only moments ago it stood in a state of bliss and contentment. Now his eyes opened wide standing naked in front of a dark world full ofContinue reading “A Gift To The World”

Getting Uncomfortable

Deep in the heart of a great mountain, where the heat and pressure were incomprehensible, sat two pieces of coal staring into the heat. “God, it is so boring down here.” Said Bob, the first piece of coal. “Yeah, not much to do but wait to be found and be burned alive to cook someone’sContinue reading “Getting Uncomfortable”

Catching the Wind: How I Rediscover My Flow, and you can too.

I was stuck, the mud was caked around my shoes, and I couldn’t go any farther. The day had been an exercise of exhausting my will to the point of wanting to give up. And I had just written something I thought so beautiful and profound about dancing to the grave. I love that ideaContinue reading “Catching the Wind: How I Rediscover My Flow, and you can too.”

An Original: Back to Basics

There once was a portrait of a man. Painted by an Artist with an uncommon hand. For the Artist had dreams, he had hopes and love. Pouring into his painting all the above. Crafting a face with a heart full of Grace. Eyes full of purpose and a soul for the chase. He stood backContinue reading “An Original: Back to Basics”