Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.

A thought occurred to me this morning, one in which lit up my mind like a Christmas tree on the 4th of July. Make sense? Good. A finite world surrounds us, and we are conditioned to hold on to the resources it produces, to mine and dig for more. To place worth on these resourcesContinue reading “Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.”

How I Quit Drinking Alcohol!

I am afraid to write this, afraid to talk about it openly because of fear of what people might think. Nah, I’m just kidding. I could care less about what people think of me. I care more about potentially helping someone who may be suffering. Because that is what this is all about. My life,Continue reading “How I Quit Drinking Alcohol!”

Slowing down: For the win.

Frantically pacing your life can seem to be the only way to be successful.  I have found myself thinking, “I wish there were more time in a day so I could cram all the things I wanted to do in my lifetime into this day.” Even writing it, the notion seems ridiculous. I want toContinue reading “Slowing down: For the win.”

Tend the Seeds: My Harvest

Meh, transitions in life can leave me feeling depressed.  No matter how or when they show up, life changes can be disorienting.  I have noticed that my brain will try and trick me from recognizing a change is taking place. The wacky brain delusions happen quite a bit as if my mind is doing everythingContinue reading “Tend the Seeds: My Harvest”

I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life

I wrote a post an hour ago about 5 steps to the discovering the meaning of your life.  It was inspired and full of great advice.  It made me feel a certain way like oh yeah that is it.  That is how you do it. I felt like it was being written through me byContinue reading “I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life”

Some Days…

In an exasperated breath of exhaustion. The traveler fell to the ground his pack bounced off his back, and the contents flew across the path. He had been moving none stop for days, afraid to stop and sleep for fear that in the night he would be captured or worse killed. The traveler was convincedContinue reading “Some Days…”

Watch “Interview With Author of the terrifying Blood Drops, WB Welch” on YouTube

  Just a couple of Hippies talking Horror, Jumping out of plane’s, and meditation. Had such a good time talking to WB about Blood drops and her inspirations and writing process. Check out her work in the links below. WB Welch Links Websit: Tory Hunter Blog/WB Welch Writing group: Scary Blog: BuyContinue reading “Watch “Interview With Author of the terrifying Blood Drops, WB Welch” on YouTube”

Success Without Fufillment= Ultimate Failure!

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, This Won’t Work: Success without fufillment=Ultimate Failure Google users Listen to my podcast, This Won’t Work on Apple Podcasts:

Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube

Me and J.Webb Garrett, discuss the magic of writing and his 3 published books linked below. Talking with J. Webb touched my heart we discuss how writing has helped us overcome depression, and heartache, or feeling seperate. J.Webb Garrett’s hope is to help make someones day brighter by writing. Check out his work at theContinue reading “Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube”

Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.

I have been on a journey.  A journey of self-discovery and growth.  Learning all I can about myself, my fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. I have been on a Journey.  It was once full of monsters and boogie men: fear mongers and dream crushing giants. I had been chased off the path many times, afraidContinue reading “Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.”