The Absolute Best Way to Get in Shape! Guaranteed!

I have lost 100lbs twice in my life. I have lost over 40lbs five separate times. I have gone from being extremely unhealthy out of shape and sick to healthy, happy and successful more times than I can remember. I learned this a long time ago and it is something that works every single timeContinue reading “The Absolute Best Way to Get in Shape! Guaranteed!”

Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!

I have days of good and bad, up and down. Not everything for me is sunshine and rainbows. Although, I have been accused recently of being a liar for always being positive, which I find funny. I see it like this; sure I am a happy guy that laughs and jokes a lot. I doContinue reading “Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!”

When Did I become an Expert?

To say that I know something implies a full understanding of a subject. It is better for me to say that I experienced something and found it accurate in my life. I can not close myself to the ideas of people, places or things because doing so will limit my ability to experience them. IfContinue reading “When Did I become an Expert?”

Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.

A thought occurred to me this morning, one in which lit up my mind like a Christmas tree on the 4th of July. Make sense? Good. A finite world surrounds us, and we are conditioned to hold on to the resources it produces, to mine and dig for more. To place worth on these resourcesContinue reading “Human Evolution: Every Human Has Infinite Worth.”

Slowing down: For the win.

Frantically pacing your life can seem to be the only way to be successful.  I have found myself thinking, “I wish there were more time in a day so I could cram all the things I wanted to do in my lifetime into this day.” Even writing it, the notion seems ridiculous. I want toContinue reading “Slowing down: For the win.”

Tend the Seeds: My Harvest

Meh, transitions in life can leave me feeling depressed.  No matter how or when they show up, life changes can be disorienting.  I have noticed that my brain will try and trick me from recognizing a change is taking place. The wacky brain delusions happen quite a bit as if my mind is doing everythingContinue reading “Tend the Seeds: My Harvest”

Overwhelmed: Thank you

I am so blown away by the incredible support and interest shown by so many on here and other platforms where I present my thoughts and work. I wanted to take a moment and Say thank you to everyone who follows this blog and most recently my YouTube Channel and my Pod Cast. Last nightContinue reading “Overwhelmed: Thank you”

How To Do ANYTHING: A dummy’s guide to be amazing.

I love the idea of “How To” it is such a wonderful concept — a guide on how to do stuff.  Instruction manuals for life are being produced online at an incredible rate and if you didn’t know how to do something before you are sure as hell have no excuse not to know howContinue reading “How To Do ANYTHING: A dummy’s guide to be amazing.”

I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life

I wrote a post an hour ago about 5 steps to the discovering the meaning of your life.  It was inspired and full of great advice.  It made me feel a certain way like oh yeah that is it.  That is how you do it. I felt like it was being written through me byContinue reading “I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life”

Spinning Out of Control: How to Stop the Madness. Heavily edited;)

I am so happy I have a place now.  A place for my thoughts and ideas, for my stresses and concerns, a place for my problems my solutions. This morning, my mind was filled with more thoughts and ambition than I knew what to do with.  It happens sometimes, that I get to working onContinue reading “Spinning Out of Control: How to Stop the Madness. Heavily edited;)”