Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!

On this very Special episode of Blossom- Kent Wayne A.K.A Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, tells me all about the interesting things he has learned in life.  Had so much fun talking with Kent and believe this information is invaluable to any and all humans, let alone writers. Enjoy on podcast or YouTube.   First Draft PodcastContinue reading “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!”

I am Funny!

Man oh man, boy oh boy, woman oh woman, dear oh dear… I love, love, love to laugh. More than anything I believe, to laugh is to find magic in even the darkest parts of the world. A good laugh connects and heals us, it resonates deep within.  A convulsion of the muscles that pulsatesContinue reading “I am Funny!”

Are You Willing To Suck?

Hello there, my name is Matt.  I am in a state of upheaval and chaotic mental insanity. What’s your name? Last night after all my praying an meditating, my meetings and writing. After all the talking and work I had done spiritually, I wanted to lose my mind.  I wanted it to just poof andContinue reading “Are You Willing To Suck?”

Stupid Ideas

Success and failure, when did they become so mind altering?  In the same vein, when did figuring out who I am, become so difficult? The complexities with which I presume to see the world are really just egotistical arrogance based in believing my sensory perception to be the all knowing all seeing Eye. I seeContinue reading “Stupid Ideas”

Does Your Connection Suck?

I am reminded again and again of something on my daily walk through life.  The darkness and disconnect is all a symptom of my action.  On days that I feel lonely and apart from the world its usually not because I am not surrounded by people. It is like I am in a dark roomContinue reading “Does Your Connection Suck?”

How Did I Get Here?

Some Mornings I wake up with a sense of dread, of terrified forboding that some unseen boogeyman is waiting for me just around the corner. That the idea of my security and my survival is in immediate peril. When I wake up like this It’s hard to shake, like trying to run from your shadowContinue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!

I have days of good and bad, up and down. Not everything for me is sunshine and rainbows. Although, I have been accused recently of being a liar for always being positive, which I find funny. I see it like this; sure I am a happy guy that laughs and jokes a lot. I doContinue reading “Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!”

When Did I Become Such A Victim?

This may not be popular or whatever, but it is what I understand for my life, so here it goes. I spent a long time, for me at least, pointing my finger at other people. It was my dad’s fault I was an alcoholic because he left when I was young and he, himself wasContinue reading “When Did I Become Such A Victim?”

When Did Fun Become So Elusive?

Are you having Fun?  I know I am.  WEEEEBBBBLEEE Deeeeee Boooooppp!!   I have not gone crazy, I don’t think. Look, fun used to be so easy.  Remember?  I want to reignite that spirit of fun and enthusiasm for life that I had when I was a child.  When fun was free. Fun is up toContinue reading “When Did Fun Become So Elusive?”